Surya Royal Homes_Faqs

1. What are some of the things that I should check before finalising on a PG?

The most important part is the budget and location. Next, you could check the amenities in and around the PG, as well as the facilities within the PG, also the locality of the pg, specially for women.

2. How many days ago a prior notice needs to be passed to the PG authorities before vacating?

Before vacating the guest has to give a 30 days prior notice to the pg management. If this is not done, the PG authorities will not refund the deposit amount.

3. When should the rent be paid?

The rent needs to be paid on or before 7th of every month.


4. When is the security deposit returned?

The security deposit is refunded only after vacating and after the guest has given 30 days prior notice.

5. What is the maintenance fee?

 Maintenance fee is Rs 500, it will be deducted at the time of leaving the pg from the security deposit. It is the cost of well maintained surroundings of the room, corridors and stairs to enable luxurious and spacious stay.

6. Can guests come and stay in the rooms?

Guests can stay in the rooms only if the roommate of the individual agrees to and Rs 500 is to be paid per day with or without food for accommodation of the guest. The guest can only be guardians or parents.

7. Are outsiders allowed in the pg?

No, outsiders are not allowed in Surya Royal Stays. We don't encourage any illegal  activity or misbehavior in the premises. Any record of such behavior can lead to termination of the individual from the pg.

8. For what things in the pg the authorities are not liable?

The authorities are not liable for loss of room of cupboard keys. Also the management will not take the blame for valuables like, laptop, jewellery and cash left astray.

9. What is the price range of this PG property?

This varies depending upon the property and its location, the various facilities it offers and so on. This property has 9 pgs, 2 men, 5 women and 2 co-living spaces. Roughly, most PGs cost between Rs 8,000- 23,000 per month, for single, double and triple sharing rooms.

10. How many meals will I get in a day at Stays Royal Homes?

It depends on the property you are staying at and whether you have opted for with food or without food. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday with a variety in menu.

11. What type of properties are there at Surya Royal Stays?

Surya Royal Stays PG provides you with a wide range of Pg listings with all types of sharing like single sharing, double sharing, and triple sharing. We have 5 women pg, 2 men and 2 co-living spaces in buzzing areas of Bengaluru.


12. Is PG safe for girls in Bangalore?

Most PGs accommodations lack safety measures, basic facilities, and even proper hygiene. We Surya Royal Stays provide secure stay for girls living in our Pg s, with 24×7 CCTV surveillance.

13. How much does a single room cost in Bangalore?

The average price to rent a Single Room in Bangalore is Rs.15,000.

14.What is PG service?

Paying guest accommodation is the ability for a guest to rent a portion of a house from the owner or landlord. One will be  provided with basic amenities, such as food, laundry and utilities, for a fee.

15. Is there Co-living PG in Bangalore?

Surya Royal Stays offers male, female and co-living spaces in Bangalore. We believe in a hassle-free stay coupled with good hygiene and delicious food. Surya Royal Stays provide PG for Men, PG for Women and co-living spaces in Bangalore. We have 2 pg s for men, 5 pg s for women and 2 as co-living space spread across Bangalore.