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Women Safety- A Growing Concern


Safety of the oppressed gender, the females is a major concern all over the world. Crime rates are on the spike and very top of the pyramid and women fear to join any social activity. There are laws in India to ensure safety measures for women but these are not properly implemented.                  A woman is strong, she is worshipped for being bold and also sensitive. She plays many roles and yet, she is not safe. She always lives in terror and fear. Women’s safety is a big concern that must be addressed in a country like ours. India is not the safest country for our women but the irony being, her fearless form is worshipped by millions. Women’s life is endangered due to violence and discrimination and kept them away from participating in any social activity or gathering, since time immemorial. Some people believe women should be at home and shouldn’t come out to public spaces, while any gender shouldn’t be confined to any type of discrimination. In India domestic violence and sexual assault are the most common forms of violence against women.

In India around 80% of women are victims of domestic violence. It leads to depression and suicides. For the progress of women, empowerment of women is very necessary and also making them aware of their rights. Women safety is a crucial concern in India and a lot of organisations started actively working on it. In today’s modern era, women have not only advanced men but are also two steps ahead as well as excel in emotional intelligence. She has become the basis of district level plans and women cannot be imagined without generalisations. But there is a list of crimes against women in India that is too long. Women face obstacles to development and suffer from physical, social and economic disparities. According to the statistical reports, it is found that a woman is raped in India, every 20 minutes.

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